Introduction: Cozy Balcony by Bring in Greenery and Using Some Rustic Wood.

I was missing see Greenery also I was planning to decorate my Balcony for a while now we have a lot of spare time so I started step by step adding items ,using some old wood ,recreating some shelves now lets start to see what items and tools I used.


  1. Wire Clipper
  2. Black Nylon Cable Tie
  3. Wood Stain (the color you prefer)
  4. Paint Bruch
  5. Drill
  6. White Fabric Rope
  7. Artificial Grass
  8. Plants
  9. Eye pin
  10. Un used piece of Marble

  11. Wooden Lamp

Step 1: Prepration of Wood and Drilling

I used some old Rustic Wood (size 1m*7.5cm*1.5cm) and Started to drill four holes 6cm from the end of its two sides and very close to the edge, also I used a piece of wood (size 2m*20cm*2.5cm) to use it as Plants Table Bench.

Step 2: Tying the Pieces of Wood With the Metal Fence

  • I started tying the pieces of Wood with the Metal Fence by Nylon Cable Tie, two Tie at the top and two at the bottom .
  • After completing the fence I started to put my plants table bench and supporting it with metal fence and nylon cable tie.

Step 3: Wood Stain

I put very clear Wood Stain because I needed the wood to be Natural Looking and Warm also to close the Pores and to protect it from Weather.

Step 4: Grass

I used Artificial Grass (size 1m*4m) ,cut it to specific Dimensions of my Balcony .

Step 5: Plants Shelves

I used two pieces of Wood (size 30cm*7.5cm*1.5cm) putting them together by nylon Cable Tie , Drilling a Hole at each edge ,Adding the Rope in the right and left side (80cm divided by 2) which mean 40cm of Rope from the Edge to Eye Pin , I chose the right spot and hanged my Shelves .

Step 6: The Final Result

  • I chose different kinds of plants like rosemary ,mint ,basil, lemon tree ,and many kinds.
  • i added a warm led strip light under the plants bench.
  • i added a new wooden lamb.
  • i used an old marble

i started to plant some seeds like green watergrass , i hope you like the project .

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