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I have been pretty cold this winter, so I decided to make this cozy easy-to-make throw blanket. It super warm, and even my cat loves it. It does not take a long time to make, and it is so fuzzy. This throw blanket takes about 2 hours to make. It's a great sewing project for weekends. This blanket is perfect for movie nights, in bed, game nights, reading a book, and for sitting near a fire with some hot coco! I hope you like this blanket!


White soft fabric - this will become the most comfortable side of the blanket. We'll call this Fabric #1.

another kind of white fabric - optional - this will become the "other" side of the blanket. of course, you could just use the same comfortable white soft fabric for both sides. We'll call this Fabric #2.

sewing machine - to stitch things together

a cutting tool for fabric - fabric scissors work great

batting/stuffing - optional, if you want a thick blanket

pins - to hold things together while you sew it

Step 1: Cutting Out the Fabric

After getting all the supplies, it's time to cut out the fabric. Using your cutting tool, cut out a rectangle of fabric. This is intended to be a small throw blanket, so I made mine 4'x3'. Your blanket will end up being a bit smaller than what you cut out (after you sew the two pieces together). So if you want a 4'x3' (like mine), cut out 52"x40".

After cutting out the first rectangle from fabric from Fabric #1, cut out a second rectangle from Fabric #2 of the same size.

Step 2: Sewing the Blanket

Once you have cut the fabric out, can begin to sew the two pieces together.

  1. Lay the piece of Fabric #1 on the ground, bad side down.
  2. Lay the piece of Fabric #2 on top of the first piece, bad side up
  3. Use your sewing machine to sew to two pieces of fabric together along 3 edges. Keep your seam about 1" away from each edge. (see video)
  4. Pull the inside of the bag you've just sewn out. This will leave you with the good sides out.
  5. Optionally, fill the blanket with stuffing.

Step 3: Sew 4th Edge

Along the 4th edge, fold each of the two fabrics in about 2". Then, sew the 4th edge of the blanket. See attached photo for an example.

Step 4: Wrap Yourself Up!

Congratulations! You're done, and you're the proud owner of a new fuzzy blanket. Wrap it around you while you do your favorite things, and be much warmer than you were before.

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