Introduction: Cp2- How to Make Slime

Gather Supplies Including

-Classic School Glue

-Glitter Glue

-Measuring Cups

-Borax (dry laundry detergent)

-Plastic Bowl, Spoon

Step 1: Measure Glue Into Bowl

-Measure 1/2 of a cup of School Glue into the measuring cups and then pour directly into the Plastic Bowl by its self.

Step 2: Combine Glitter Glue to School Glue

- Here you can add Glitter Glue in any quantity you desire, more of the Glitter Glue will lead to a darker stronger looking color. You may also substitute glitter glue for food dye if you do not have any.

Step 3: Mix in Water With Glue

- Measuring out 1/4 cup of water, pour and slowly start stirring the mixture of glue, glitter glue and water togethor in the plastic bowl.

Step 4: Add Additional Glitter Glue for Color

- Pour more glitter glue directly into the glue mixture, we have another option here to add new colors or more of the original, for brighter looking slime.

Step 5: Add Borax Into Glue Mixture

- Measure 1/4 of a cup of Borax and begin slowly adding and stirring the glue mixture together, make sure not to pour all the Borax in at once.

Step 6: Continue to Stir Together Glue Mixture

- Using spoon, lift and stir from the bottom of the plastic bowl to insure that all parts of the glue mixture are being spread around equally. A base time of stirring for 2-3 minutes proves to get slime to best consistency.

Step 7: Drain Bowl of Excess Water

- Drain out and remove any excessive water left in the bowl, the slime will absorb majority of the liquid but any left over is okay to dispose of.

Step 8: Throw Away Your Spoon!

- Using your hands no instead of the spoon, begin mixing and massaging the slime between your hands, this will help in spreading out the color/glitter glue more evenly.

Step 9: Play With Slime

- Finished project! Slime is complete and ready to help distress, entertain kids or whatever posibility one could need slime for.

Step 10: Keeping Slime Fresh

- After you have finished, you can store slime in a plastic bag keeping it refrigerated in this plastic bag will stop any mold from growing on your slime.