Cpt. America Inspired T-Shirt (from Old Shirts & Lether Garments))

Introduction: Cpt. America Inspired T-Shirt (from Old Shirts & Lether Garments))

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Captain America - First Avenger of the Marvel Universe, Leader of Patriotism, giver of hope.

a true leader indeed.

Now in order to be like your favorite marvel superhero, we'll gonna make a Cpt. America inspired T-shirt.

Now Let's be Patriotic.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

We need to have this materials to make this one cool shirt.

here are the materials:

Your T-Shirt to design with

old Black Leather Skirt

Scrap of Red Leather

Old White T-Shirt

Old Brown Jumper suit




and a Sewing Kit...

Now let's get designing!

Step 2: Pen and Star!

With your old white t-shirt,

design a star, probably the same size with your palm's wide open.

after designing the star, and some details onto it.

or you can follow my design of the star.

cut it out and now you have your star.

now let's move on.

Step 3: Stars and Leather

Now let's add some more detail.

With your star, lay it on the black leather skirt and sew it in

now cut the black leather skirt just offset to 1" to the star.

now with your red leather, cut it out in a acute triangle just the tip is 2" apart from the tip of the side of the star.

Step 4: Stars and Shirt!

Now Sew your designed star on your shirt.

use the overhand to sew it all out.

Step 5: Buckle Bucky!

With the jumper suit, cut out it's jumper and the one connecting the jumper's with.

this will give the shirt more like ragged, and cool

Step 6: Bucky Buckle Up!

Now with the cut out jumper cord and hook.

sew the top part on the shirt like shown, and sew the bottom of the brown part, and let the darker brown let loose on the shirt.

now with the jumper hook, sew it on the back of the shirt below your scapula like shown.

This will make your arm muscle look big.

Step 7: Wear the StarShirt!

Now let your patriotism break free and show the world how patriotic you are!.

God Bless America!

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