Introduction: Cpt America Shield

Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?

Okay, so I just want a badass wall decor so I made a/the Captain America Shield.

I tried to make it as simple as possible thats why it is not perfect..but still enough cool.. I mean in the geek world.

Step 1: The Materials

The main important thing is the base, so the body of the shield.

Im checkhed many many option...parabola antenna dish, fiber glass, foam, snow sled, but finally I found an iron grill plate with the perfect shape. The leg and handle remove was the only necesarry modification.

Step 2: Bodywork

For the nice surface I needed to grinding the whole shield. That was a long and hard part but it is necessary for the steel look.

Step 3: Painting

To make the plan for the star and circles I had to made an unique calipers, so I just drill 3 pen-size hole into a wood piece with the perfect distance and drew the template.

According to the template, masked the different part..and then in the last step I just paint everything for the right color.

I like the battle damaged look so I put on some shot mark as well.

Step 4: The Result

Finally I just cleaned the whole shield and put it on the wall with a small data table.
I know it is not perfect and a bit hand made look but actually not bad and I liked to make.:-)