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Most guys like beer. Most guys have found a new love for Craft Beer. Here is my first instructable on how I make these wood caddy, beer carriers, for the Boston Round size bottles.

Step 1: The Wood

Starting with a single piece of 1x6, 3/4" thick 8 feet long. Our price in the Vancouver area is approximately $6.00 per board.
I cut the board into two 14.5" pieces for the ends, two 8.5" pieces for the sides, one 10" piece for the bottom and lastly one 4" piece for the divider.

Step 2: End Cuts

The 14.5" end pieces are cut with. 22.5 degree angle which leaves enough material for the hole for the handle but reduces some of the bulk.

Step 3: Handles Holes

This simple jig helps centre the 1" bit when drilling the handle holes .25" into the wood on the drill press.

Step 4: Metal Handle

I use 1" metal tubing from the local hardware store which sells for $9 for the 10 foot length. Using a hacksaw I cut the handles to 9.25" lengths and give a quick sand with 200 grit sandpaper to remove the residue and random discolouration.

Step 5: Ready for Sanding

With all the pieces cut to size I spend a some time to sand them with the 5" orbital sander with 80 grit then 150 grit paper and then hand sand with 400 grit to make the pine as smooth as possible.

Step 6: Staining the Wood

Using Minwax Dark Walnut stain I apply a generous coat with a rag, wait a few minutes and wipe off with paper towels. Here I've laid out all the pieces ready to the next step.

Step 7: CNC Engraving

Our General International CNC machine has been a fun tool in our home based workshop. It's engraving area is 15x20". Here is the side piece getting ready to be engraved.

Step 8: Vbit

A 90 degree Vbit is used for the engraving. It produces a clean cut along the bottom of the path as well as the top edge and results in zero sanding to clean up any burs or fuzz from the pine.

Step 9: Assembled.

After some pre drilling and a quick run to the hardware store to buy more 1.75" Phillips black wood screws we were ready to assemble the beer crate.

Here it is with 2 Boston Rounds inside for show. Mah Brewing Co was for our latest custom order. Our home based woodworking business Woodwerx Woodworking out of Maple Ridge BC, Canada had a lot of success making these fun beer caddies this past Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed my first Instructable and vote for it to win the Full Spectrum Laser Engraver. I can't even begin to tell you all of the ideas I have have to try with it.

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6 years ago

Hi guys. Thanks very much. I figured I better give this a try.


6 years ago

nice design and build


6 years ago

This is such a beautiful design! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!