Introduction: Craft Stick "Candles"

This is a very easy project that is fun for all ages. It is a great introduction to "paper" circuits and how copper conducts electricity. It also helps kids understand positive and negative charges and which leg of the LED is which. A fun station for a maker faire or any hands on event.

Step 1: Materials

Jumbo popsicle stick (cut in half)

Size 2 metal binder clip

3V coin cell battery (CR 2032)

LED light

Copper tape

Scotch tape (optional)


Step 2: Test Your Battery & LED

First make sure your battery works by sitting the LED on the edge of the battery, long LED leg on positive side of battery, short LED leg on negative side. If it lights up, you are good to go.

Step 3: Attach the LED

Set the LED on the curved end of the popsicle stick and lay on a flat surface. The "short" end (negative) of the LED should be facing up.

Take a piece of Copper tape, approximately 3" long, and press it firmly over the wire end of the LED. It should reach the end of the stick.

Flip over and attach a shorter piece of tape to the "long" end (positive) of the LED.

Step 4: Add the Battery and "switch"

Lay the negative side of the battery on the side of the stick with the long copper tape and clamp on the binder clip.

Flip over to the negative side and flip up the clip. Make sure it connects with the tape.

To turn the light on, flip up the battery side. When the metal clip hits the battery, it will turn on.


If it doesn't work, be sure the copper tape is firmly pressed over the LED legs. Try wrapping some clear tape firmly over the ends to create a stronger connection.

Make sure your battery has a strong connection with the tape

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