Introduction: Craft Stick Log Cabin

This slideshow is more like a Lego instruction booklet. Each slide will take you through the various steps to making a mini-log-cabin out of craft sticks, which makes a nice decoration under the Christmas tree or a nice gift for someone you care about. If you know someone who really likes Lincoln Logs, you could even make all the preparations and let them put it together! (lol) Either way, I used craft sticks with the following dimensions- 4.5" x 3/8" x 1/12" and wood glue to hold some of it together. Merry Christmas!

A few notes: You don't have to make the notches yourself - there are certain places online where you can buy "building sticks" that fit together just like the ones shown here. However, if you do want to make them yourself, simply make the cuts shown in the first few slides and then put them all together as shown in the rest of the slide show. Good luck!