Craft a New Crafting Table; Upcycle Yucky Old Card Table




Introduction: Craft a New Crafting Table; Upcycle Yucky Old Card Table

We received this card table 30 years ago as a wedding gift.  It has served us well, but needed a face lift!! I did this project in a day and a half.  The hardest part was deciding on the vinyl to cover the table and chair pads.  I ended up ordering 2 yards oilcloth online for $6.25 a yard from, but you could easily use a vinyl table clothe from Walmart/Target/TJMaxx or wherever and cut it to fit.  I would recommend that you use a nondirectional pattern.

Step 1: Step #1 Remove Table Top and Chair Pads

Step #1 You will need to remove the tabletop and the chair pads.  These are connected by small screws.  You will need to find a small wrench to remove the screws.  Keep the chair screws and the table screws separated.  I found that they are different sizes.  I also painted the screws the same color as all the other metal.  The easiest way to paint the screws is to push them into cardboard and spray paint.

Step 2: Step #2 Clean and Sand Chair and Table Frames

This is the least fun step.  You will need to work in a well-ventilated area.  You will need acetone, sand paper or sanding sponge, old clean rag and gloves.  I started with 220 grit sand paper and quickly switched to 180 grit sanding sponge. First you will need to clean all metal with acetone.  Next, sand all exposed metal to assure the spray paint adheres to the metal.  Lastly you are finished with this step once you clean all metal surfaces with the acetone once again.

Step 3: Step #3 Painting, the Transformation Begins!

You will need to choose a spray paint color that coordinates with your vinyl.  I would highly recommend using the brand that I found had the best coverage and included a primer.  I purchased at Home Depot for less than $4.00 a can and I used 3 cans to cover all metal on 4 folding chairs and my card table.  I would recommend placing the chair or table upside down and painting the underside first.  Then when dry to the touch (about 30 minutes) you can turn the chair/table over to paint the top/most visible surface metal areas.  This will prevent these visible areas getting scratched when you painted the underside.  I also added an additional step of painting the undersides of the chair pads and tabletop.  I had extra spray paint, but it is not necessary to paint the undersides of the chair pads and tabletop.  Also you may want to wear a nose mask.  I ended up with blue paint snotty nose.

Step 4: Step #4 Covering the Chair Pads and Table Top

This was my favorite step!  I didn't remove the old vinyl; I just simply covered over it!  For this step you will need a pen, staple gun, your vinyl and a pair of scissors.  Lay the pad/table top on your vinyl.  Draw around your pad/table top about 2" and cut. Cut small notches for the brackets that attach the pad/table top to the metal frame. The 2" will allow for wrapping and stapling on to the backside of the pad/table top.  Staple one staple on each on the sides, pulling tightly.  The staple around leaving about 3" at each corner.  Corners will be a bit tricky.  You will use lots of staples here.  Gather up the vinyl evenly and staple.  You will need to trim the corner after stapling.

Step 5: Step #5 Reattach the Chair Pads and Table Top

Ta Da!!  Your last and most gratifying step.  Reattach the chair pads and tabletop with your screws using the small wrench you used to remove the screws.  Start enjoying your better than new card table set!!

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7 years ago on Introduction

Wow really awesome pictures and I have never seen this type of pictures. Here I see that this table is really old but it looks really beautiful.


8 years ago on Introduction

I did this with my old card table last year! Great instructable.