Craft a Paper Basket




Introduction: Craft a Paper Basket


We're back with a bran new craft idea that you can try at home. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.
Do make a note of the essentials:

What you’ll need:
(1) Newspaper
(2) Glue
(3) U pins
(4) Cardboard
(5) Paints
(6) Paint brush

Step 1:

You can use old newspapers, magazines or other rough papers for accomplishing this task.
Start by rolling strips of newspapers. Make sure you roll them tight. To do this place a pencil on one corner of the newspaper sheet and go on rolling. Stick the end to make it tight and firm. Make around 30 such rolls.

Step 2:

Next, cut out 2 circles from a cardboard. Glue an odd number of the rolled newspaper in a way that it resembles a spoked wheel.

Step 3:

Now, add the other cardboard piece on top. Make sure you glue it well and place a heavy object like a book so the bond is strengthened.

Step 4:

Now start folding the newspaper spokes from the cardboard base. Weave the remaining newspaper tubes around the spokes.

Step 5:

Use U pin or a clothes clip to keep the tubes secure while you weave them. Make sure to use some glue each time you add a new newspaper roll.

Step 6:

Finish your newspaper basket by painting it with acrylic paints. You can even cover it with MOD-PODGE to add an extra sheer and shine.

Tip – Use comic books or magazines instead of newspaper for a more colorful and trendy basket.

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    Cat lover 126
    Cat lover 126

    6 years ago

    Nice work on the baskets and there from gap try this soon

    Cool craft project. I've done this as a kid from a Japanese craft book(eeww over 20y ago). Need to dig it out, some differences are the tubes are tighter(I used a knitting needle, not sure of the size), a touch of glue along the outside edge making the tubes a bit stiffer. Back then i used stain combined finish(poly maybe). The weaving patterns are slightly modified basket patterns, I vaguely remember making a floppy hat styled basket for my grandmothers flower arrangements.
    It's a great craft for everyone

    Yellow Giraffe
    Yellow Giraffe

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You must definitely try it. It is fun and easy to do. What we have realized is that we can put heaps of used paper sheets to use by creating big sturdy baskets. It'll help recycle paper and we'll end up crafting a fantastic paper basket for decorative purposes.

    Do let us know if you have more ideas to contribute.

    Thank you.