Introduction: Craftsman 109 Chuck Stand

This is a simple stand that I made to organize the chucks for my Craftsman 109 lathe. I was almost finished with this project when I decide to start taking pictures. The photos will show how the four jaw chuck peg was added.

Step 1: Locate Peg Holes

These chucks have a 1/2 - 20 mount thread, I had a 7/16 wood dowel from another project for this lathe, which fit perfectly through the center hole. I got a scrap piece of MDF, using a combination square, I found the length wise center and made a line. Where I decided to place the pegs for the chucks, I used the combination square to draw a line perpendicular to the length line.

Then, I placed the MDF into my drill vise, centered over the crossed lines and drilled.

Note: I know the distance between the first and second peg from left is off. I accidentally put the three jaw chuck next, instead of the second jacobs chuck, when I measured for the second peg, so pay attention when you're doing this.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Take the chuck you want to mount, place the dowel rod into the mount hole. The jacobs chuck will only allow the rod to go so far, the three jaw and four jaw have a hole all the way through.

For the jacobs chuck, I pushed the rod to the stop and made a mark with my finger nail flush with the end of the chuck. Next, I placed the rod next to the MDF, so that the mark was at one side of the board, and made a mark on the rod to allow for the thickness of the board.

Next, I clamped the rod in a miter box and cut.

For the three jaw and four jaw, I put the rod flush with the face of the jaw and made a mark with my finger nail flush with the backplate of the chuck. I repeated the method for allowing for the thickness of the board and cutting the rod.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once the rod was cut, I lightly sanded the ends, making sure to bevel the edges. Then I pressed the rod into the appropriate hole and used a small hammer to knock it flush with the bottom.

All finished, place chucks on pegs for a neatly organized look.