Introduction: Crafty Wreath From Plastic Bags

How to make a colourful wreath from plastic bags and/or wrappers. My challenge was to use plastic bags or wrappers that could not usually be put in the council recycling bin and would have to go via the normal bin to a waste tip, or plastic wrappers from sterile equipment (either outdated or unused) as I have a disabled son and we have a lot of things that otherwise have to go in the waste.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Gather together the MATERIALS needed -

A Wire Coat Hanger; Coloured Plastic Bags or Wrappers; Scissors; Ruler.

Step 2: Bend Wire Coat Hanger Into a Circle

Bend your Wire Coat hanger into a circle - gently pull the middle down of the coat hanger; then push the side corners inwards to start making a circular shape. Continue gently pushing inwards and outwards along the wires until you have a general circular shape. Perfection is not necessary as the shape will be hidden under the plastic wrappers.

Step 3: Cut Plastic Bags Into Strips

Take your plastic bags or wrappers and cut them into strips approximately (14cm x 6cm) - I use mainly shopping bags but also had some clear and coloured wrappers off sterile equipment that I have for my disabled son. (Note: do not use unsterile wrappers or ones that have been used or should go in the clinical waste bags.)

Step 4: Wrap Your Strips Around the Coat Hanger

Start tying your strips around the coat hanger with a single knot. I used 2 individual clear strips tied on separately as they were quite thick and strong. This was followed by 2 sets of blue strips (made up of 3 strips put together as the plastic was quite thin on its own). So the order for my wreath should be: 1 clear, 1 clear, 3 blue together, 3 blue together : repeat same order until coat hanger is filled. Try to tie in the same direction each time, for consistency and appearance. Once tied gently pull and spread the knotted strips to give the wreath a bit more shape and dimension.

Step 5: Your Finished Wreath

Ta dah! Your finished wreath! Plastic saved from the bin and the waste tip! A wreath for any time of year!