Introduction: CranApplePearBerry Sauce

As a vegetarian, enjoying the traditional Thanksgiving foods can be difficult. I've always loved cranberry anything at the holidays, but of course on it's own it can be a bit tart. So in order to have a festive treat I can look forward to at my holiday meal I played with a few ingredients and devised this sweeter fruitier version of the typical Cranberry Sauce. I hope these ideas give your Vegan Holiday meal a boost as well!!

Step 1: Rinse Your Berries

Step 2: Gather Your Ingredients

You will need about a cup of sugar (depending in the package instructions, and your own preference)

I usually like to add an apple and pear, but it is fun to play with the equation. If I have apples that need used I'll add more than one, I'm also interested in tossing a clementine in, really just have fun, the berries naturally 'gel' up so anything that sounds good with a cranberry "jello" should be great.

I usually use a green apple because I like the tartness with this recipe but I have used others like Gala apples, it's a bit sweeter that way.

I add a few squirts of lemon juice to the apple and pear mixture to keep them from browning and for flavor.

Step 3: Cut Your Fruits

I usually leave the skins on because I chop the fruits rather small anyway, but it is up to you.

Step 4: Start to Boil Your Water, Suger, and Berries

Combine your water, sugar, and berries, let them come to a rolling boil (as the package instructs).

Step 5: Periodically Stir As the Berries Boil

You will notice the berries start to split and pop. You can add your fruits once the berries are splitting if you would like them to have more cooking time and become softer. Adding the fruit during the boil also can allow the apples to sweeten the sauce more.

Step 6: Add Your Chopped Fruits

If you add your fruits once the berries have pretty much all popped just keep stirring as you lower the heat. The fruit might retain more of its crunch this way.

Step 7: Pour Into a Container and Refrigerate :)

Step 8: Enjoy

I hope you like these ideas to enhance your classic cranberry sauce!