Introduction: Crane Game Revival ! With Arduino.

About: I like Engineering Design study by myself. I love DIY!

Hi! I'm Noboyu.

I often go to amusement arcade in Japan. I like the Crane game machine in particular.

One day...I obtained a part of Crane game TOY in a junk shop,It was just throw away as unsold garbage.

And that was the start of making crane game myself.

The thing that I obtained was gearbox of Crane game Toy.There is Dc motor in that.

I decided to controll by Arduino.

Step 1: Design

I tried to design chassis to look like real Crane game machine of amusement arcade.

Step 2: Feature

My machine has five functions.

Step 3: Contorol System

Step 4: Game Procedure

Step 5: Circuit Diagram

Step 6: Make Music CONTROL BOARD

I bought inexpensive MP3 player to playback music from Arduino. And I adapted.


The following web sites pages are a great help to me.


I designed based on this web site,and meke to fit in with Japanese coin(10yen)

Step 8: Make the Housing of Machine

Step 9: Wiring

Step 10: Programming

  • The Source Code is here.
  • (Arduino's ino file.)

Step 11: Let's Play!

I hope you enjoy my Instructable!

Thank you for being patient with my English.. :-)

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