Introduction: Hand Crank Portable Charger

This phone charger is like any other portable charger to the fact that its an external battery for your phone. But with this power brick it comes with a hand powered crank to charge the battery. The crank can be very useful for when both batteries are out of power. It comes in handy for emergencies where there is no power source to charge your device. This charger can either be charged from the hand crank or can be charged from an outlet. One minute of rotating the crank will give you 5 minutes of phone battery. The charger doesn't need to be used directly to a phone, it can be used for anything that powers off of a USB cable. Lets get started :)

Tools and material needed for project

1.hand crank survival radio

2.soldering iron glue gun

4.1/8" phillip head screw driver

Step 1: Step 1: Taking Apart the Radio

The first step to making your crank charger is taking apart the radio. In order to do so, there are 6 screws on the outside casing that need to be unscrewed. once the casing has been opened there will be 2 more screws needed to be unscrewed to separate the circuit board from the plastic of the radio. The speaker is connected o one of the exterior parts of the case. The speaker can be removed just by disconnecting the wire to the circuit board. The crank of the radio is held in by 4 more screws. The black crank will need to be saved for later and can be removed by using tweezers and pliers to break apart the plastic to easily access the crank.

Step 2: Step 2: Removing Unneeded Parts of the Circuit Board

Now that we have the circuit board accessed from the plastic surrounding, we can now remove unneeded parts that are connected to the circuit board. These are parts such as the 3 led lights on the front of the board. The lights can be removed from the circuit by using a soldering iron to heat up the base of the wires to easily remove. The magnet with the copper coil surrounding it may also be removed, this is for the radio part of the board which is no longer needed. Half of the board with the radio switch to FM can be removed but wasn't removed in this model. The board can be cut with a pair of scissors.

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Conainer

The outside of the charger can be made from any material but may also be 3d printed. The dimensions of the shell are 2cm by 14.5cm by 5cm. The top has a 3cm squared cube. This hole is made to make space for the base of the crank.The chip, the battery and the gears can be secured to the inside of the container using hot glue. The crank will also need to be hot glued to the gears.The final step to completing the project is adding a top to the charger and then you are complete with your charger.

Step 4: Step:4 Covering the Charger

since the phone isn't very well protected or held together very strongly, I covered the cardboard in duct tape to keep it together and so it looks better. once this is done, your charger is complete

Step 5:

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