Crankshaft Bubble Gum Stand

Introduction: Crankshaft Bubble Gum Stand

Although not a completely original idea, I believe we ended up with a very intriguing and functional industrial conversation piece. We(me and my dad) first saw something like this at the Indianapolis 500 museum being used as a trophy stand. Later the need for a bubblegum machine stand arose and after much searching we decided to make our own. The problem was that the traditional style stand hadn't changed much in hundred years so we couldn't just stick it on a pole; we had to innovate. Conveniently we happen to have an old Pontiac (God rest their soul) OHV straight six setting around and the rest is history.

History: Remove the crankshaft from the rest of the engine.

             Scrub with wire brush until no oil remains or sandblast 

             Base- naturally we chose a flywheel that bolted right up

             Paint or Clear coat- As you can see we choose black + an assortment similar to the gumballs

             Attach the machine- Most have some way to connect to their original pole which should similar to the end of most crankshafts. If                          not, a larger coupler tube with three taped holes (and corresponding bolts) could be used to clamp and center whichever diameter is smaller.

And Enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, but don't subestimate the children's power to make ravage. They are well capable of pull down that heavy crankshaft, and break some bones.