Introduction: Crankshaft Shop Stool

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This project isn't too challenging, but it sure looks cool and I always get compliments on it.

The crank was left over from a 383 stroker engine build and it seemed like such a waste to toss a good part. I tripped over it for a couple of months until the neighbors threw out a kitchen stool one week. Then an idea hit me.

Step 1: Steps

1: Clean your crank. I threw the crank in the sand blaster to get 40 years of grime and grease off of it.

2: Insert the feet through the holes in the flexplate (or flywheel), then thread the nuts on tight and weld them onto the flexplate. Once the welds cool, adjust the feet to set the height.

Note: The flexplate-to-crank bolts protrude past the ring gear, which made the stool wobbly without the feet. You may not need feet, or may not prefer adjustable feet. If you don't have access to a welder, using nuts and lock washers top and bottom would do the job just as well.

3: Put a top on it. I threaded the hub bolt through the center of an old used circular saw blade that happened to be a little smaller than the inside diameter of my stool top. Then, I put a few screws through expansion holes in the blade to hold the stool seat on. Where the seat contacts the hub nut, I drilled a relief with a spade bit so the seat would sit flush on the sawblade.

Note: I'm sure that somebody makes a stool mounting kit, but I already had the saw blade laying around and I wanted to recycle it for this project. It isn't the best idea, but it is stable and allows the stool top to spin freely. Just be careful reaching under the stool because the edges are still sharp!

4: Dress it up! You can really personalize this project by reupholstering the seat with your favorite color, or by ironing on a decal for your favorite car or racing team. Be creative, it's yours!

Thanks for reading.

Step 2: Materials


3x Adjustable feet

3x nuts to fit feet

1x bolt that threads into crank snout

1x Stool seat top

1x something to mount seat to crank (I used an old steel circular saw blade)

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