Introduction: Crankshaft Seal Installer Tool

Not to long ago True Mechanics Fixed cars. We didn't just replace parts. We would take stuff apart find the problem. Replace as little as possible. Then put it back togther. Correctly. First time every time.

Well this is a short How to on seals. The one I'm going to show you is the Crankshaft Seal on the front of the motor. This seal is an easy seal to replace. Getting to it is tough. But this seal is only 7 bucks when changing the oil pump that it is attached to is 300 bucks.

This is the same seal that is used in a few differnt areas of you motor. Plus it is used in alot of off car places too.

I didn't have the factory tool to install this seal. So I had to make one.

Step 1: Remove Old Seal.

I don't have a pic of this. But this is basic. Take a thin Flat head screw drive. Place it between the shaft and the seal. slip it in and up and pry the seal out. This mite take a few pulls depending on how"stuck" the seal is. once it's out clean the area.

If you don't own the seal yet. Take it with you to the parts store and match it up. Trust me. Getting the wrong seal will drive you nuts. It has a part number on it that can be crossed to another brand.

Ok now it's time to put it in. lets make a tool.

Step 2: Match the Outside of the Seal

The outside ring of the seal is the strongest. This is the part that we have to push on. The reason for that is. If the seal warps, Tears, or goes out of round.  It will not seal. Not sealing after all the work that you have done to get there. Is bad. Waste of time and money.

Step 3: Ok, We Found the Right Size

This is your tool in a nut shell. Piece of pipe. Washer. And the Crankshaft bolt.

Pipe is a little long now. But all we have to do it measure a little and cut the pipe.

Take the hold it against the side of the pipe. Mark the pipe.
Now hold the Seal to that mark. mark it. hold the washer to that mark. mark it.

Now that is you cut mark. Take a piece of paper and wrap it around the pipe. Square up the edges. Now make a line around the pipe. Take your saw. cut off wheel. What ever you have and cut the pipe ON THE INSIDE OF THAT LINE. We need the thickness of the blade gone for a reason. It will give you room to start the treads. Still with me?

Step 4: Cut the Pipe.

Easy enough.... Here is what you got. Take a file and a wire brush and clean up the end. smooth as possible. Burs will tear the seal. Tear seal Bad...

Step 5: Look at Your New Seal Installer

Cool... This tool you now hold in your hand. If you were to buy it, would cost you atleast 50 bucks... Thats if you could find it.

Step 6: Install the Seal

Easy street now.... OK Take the seal...Lube the seal. Moly lube, White grease, wd40. I really don't care what you lube it with. But it must be lubed on the inside. Take a small amount of RTV gasket sealant and run it along the outside of the seal ring. (the outside circle of the seal that touchs the motor..NOT THE SHAFT). Slip the seal on the shaft (no jokes please) and stick in the Hole (no jokes really) start the seal. You will feel it start. Nice and easy. spin just a little bit. You have to get the inside lip over the back ot the Shaft.... (ok you can joke now.. that was funny)

Now place the pipe against the seal. Put the washer on the bolt... Screw the bolt in to the shaft. hand tighten that bolt till it bottoms out.  NOW STOP... STAND UP. LOOK LONG AND HARD AT THAT SEAL. ARE YOU GOING IN STRAIGHT. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO, Do you need to spin it. do you need to push it in on one side just a little. It has to go in straight.

Ok. Now that you are sure that everything is lined up. Turn the bolt.  LOOOK at the seal. turn the bolt again. Is it going in easy. did it just pop in there a lttle. you will feel all of this.

Keep turning till you are half way in. The back off the tool. pull it out  Look at the seal. going in right?

Put the seal installer back on and run it in... Stop with the seal is flush with the houseing.

Step 7: Good Job.

You just installed a front crankseal....

This job could cost you a few hundred bucks if you paid a shop to do it.  Like I said, this tool will work on Crankshaft, Camshaft. seals. But stop and look I bet it will work in a few other places too.

Sorry for the mispelled words and Grammer.. I fix cars... And yes I suck at Scrabble.

Hope this helps you.