Introduction: Cranny Light

This is really simple and does not require a lot of material, so it is quite cheap. It does not take long to make and anyone whether you are experienced with electronics or not can make and use this. It may be true that mini flashlights would be able to do the same thing, but there are places that even mini flashlights can't reach because of his cylindrical shape. Extremely small flashlights that could peer into those cracks have annoying buttons that you have to constantly hold down and it hurts your fingers. The Cranny light won't do that. All you need is:

a LED lightbulb ( I got mine from a mini flashlight I bought from a store. You can use other parts of the mini flashlight to make your Cranny light better)
1-1.5 volt battery
anything thin, like a thin long piece of cardboard etc. ( as long as it does not break or rip easily)
two thin wires
some tape or anything to hold your parts in place

This Cranny Light allows the user to stick this cardboard in small places like under a large wardrobe or the space between the furniture and the wall and the Cranny Light would shine light into those places without having the user push and move furniture around. So if you are looking for something small that may have fallen down one of those cracks and you want to see if it is there, or, maybe to see whether your trouble making siblings stuck gum under those small spaces, you can use this Cranny Light to see if it is there.

Step 1: Cardboard and Light

Get the cardboard and drill (well, I did because mine is made out of wood, scissors would suffice if you are using paper. Just make a hole big enough to fit a LED lightbulb in it but not too big that you would need extra material to keep it in place) a hole big enough to fit the back end of your led light through, so with the lightbulb on one side and the wires on the other. Stick the light through the hole.

Step 2: Stick It

Make sure the light stays in one place and doesn't move around. The smaller the width of the led light, the thinner the Cranny Light would be so it can fit through thinner spaces.

Step 3: Attach Rest

Now just stick two wires, one of each metal part of the led light. Make sure you strip each end of the two wires so the metal part is showing. You can strip the wires using wire strippers or your teeth ( wash out your mouth after). For one of the wires, place it on one end of the battery and stick both of them on the cardboard. Make sure that the tape is not touching the metal parts of the wire and battery. Now, all you have to do is position the other end of the wire on the positive side of the batter and the led light would light up and release to turn the light off. Make any adjustments necessary. Now you are done. See? It's really simple. You can even decorate it if you want to personalize it. When the battery runs out, just remove the battery, replace it and reposition the wires. It would not take that longs to do it.