Crash Proof DODO Case

Introduction: Crash Proof DODO Case

One problem with the DODO case? If you are the least bit clumsy or unbalanced and tip to the side or trip your phone or tablet could come flying out. Don't worry, easy fix!

Step 1: Build the DODO Case

First, build the DODO case and get a feel for where your phone goes and what the dangers for it may be.

Step 2: Secure the Sides

The most immediate problem? Your device falling out the side and CRASH....

So first we added some ribbon to the side with some glue dots in order to close off the sides so that your phone can't go anywhere.

Step 3: Now Add Cushion

Next problem? What happens if you drop it? While your phone will no longer fall out the sides, it may still be damaged if you drop the DODO case on concrete or a hard surface. Unfortunately, the thin cardboard doesn't provide much cushion.

So we came up with a quick fix. We cut pieces off the side of a pool noodle and attached them to the top and bottom of the phone compartment with glue dots.

Step 4: And Done!

Your phone can now be safe as you enjoy virtual reality!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great ideas for keeping your phone safe while you explore virtual worlds! Nice work!