Crate Gt212 Footswitch

Introduction: Crate Gt212 Footswitch

alright, so I recenly bought a used crate gt212 and the previous owner had lost the foot switch for the amp.
I noticed they cost around 30 dollars and probably thought that is too expensive for a couple of switches which made me think that I could build my own.
While I was searching for schematics and other things i really could not find anything on crate footswitches or any other amp foot switch.
So after some experimentation I saw that connecting a couple of wire would change the channels.
here is a picture of the one I made. i know the inside is a little messy and when i bent the case i forgot to adjust it so that i can screw on a cover.
So after creating it, i worked perfect, i even added leds to match any other foot switch.

Id say this costed me about a little less than 10 dollars.

Step 1: The Material I Used

3 3dpdt foot switches, although you can use 2dpdt. I just went with this one because its all i had.
You will need some awg cable. i used 20 awg. If you are going to use a bigger guage use the stranded because solid will not fit in the lugs.
2 red LED - I got 10 for 3 $
1 blue LED - 10 for 3 dollars
1 stereo input jack - it was lying around. but I recently bought 10 for 5 $ on ebay
1 mono input jack- I got 100 for 38$
1 chasis - I bought a shingle from home depot and bent it in. 1 $
if you plan on putting leds most likely you are going to need resistors. you can get a variety pack from radioshack or buy it on ebay.
the resistors will depend upon what kind of led you use and what voltage comes out of the amps footswitch jack.
You be needing a couple of tools also.
needle nose plyers for bending and making the chasis if you make your own.
soldering iron.
wire strippers
i used helping hands for the facilitation of soldering
also multimeter if you plan on putting leds.

Step 2: Wiring

I apologize for not showing a step by step process because I already made the footswitch and i have no use for making another one.
The first thing i would suggest is solder three wires to lìve lug on the stereo jack.
then solder two wire to all of the other lugs and also on the mono input jack.

Step 3: Switches

alright i guess i should of just drawn a diagram.

Step 4: Finished.

well i guess thats it. Sorry for the messy instructable. i had so many interruptionand im trying to do his as quick as possible. anyways make sure you test the votage on the live to ground and mid to ground so that you can calculate the resistance with this formula.
(V1- V2)/ma

for example i got 10.2 and 3.2
the red led need about 1.8 volts
10.2-1.8= 8.4
the ma on the led was .02
8.4/.02= 420 ohms

the other would be 3.2-1.8
1.4/.02= 70 ohms

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