Introduction: Crawfish/Minnow Traps

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Both craw fish and minnows are commonly used as bait for gamefish such as bass. Craw fish are also very tasty if you can catch enough. This is a trap that my cousin and I use to catch a craw fish dinner in michigan. For those that dont know, michigan isnt exactly known for their crawfish, but we set alot of them and manage to catch quite a few in the summer.
You will need:
- a two liter
- a knife
- sissors
- a stapler
- string
- a drill ( or something to make small holes
- dog food or scraps of fish (for bait)

Step 1: Cut Top

Cut a horazontal slit in the bottle with a knife then use sissors to cut along side the label. Next cut the label off.

Step 2: Putting It Together.

Simply turn the piece you cut off over so the neck is in the bottle and staple it shut at the top.

Step 3: Details

Some final details are putting small holes in the bottom to help it sink and a string that will allow you to tie it off to shore. Rocks in the bottom to help it sink isnt a bad idea either.

Step 4: Setting It Up

Find a creek or river where you see craw fish and set your bottle trap there. Fill it with water so that it will sink and then tie it to a near by bush. I usually use scraps from blugill after I fillet them or dry dog food for bait.

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