Crayon Melty Art

Introduction: Crayon Melty Art

Make Really Pretty Melted Crayon Art!!!

Step 1: Materials N' Junk

°A bunch of crayons
°A canvas
°A pearing knife
°A hand held blow torch or hair dryer (Blow torch is cooler and makes less mess)
°Aluminum foil
°Popsicle sticks
°Glue gun & Glue sticks for glue gun

Step 2: Arrange the Crayons

Lay your canvas down and then order your crayons to
1) Make sure you have enough crayons.
2) Order them pretty like.

Step 3: Skin the Crayons

*BE VERY CAREFUL USE ADULT SUPERVISION IF NEEDED* Take your knife and place it at the seam of where the crayon paper joins. Apply some,force and pull backwards with the knife. Pull off the remaining crayon wrappers. Repeat this with all crayons being used.

Step 4: Re-Arrange the Crayons

If skinning your crayons made the order not so pretty re-arrange the order so it's all pretty again!

Step 5: Hot Glue the Crayons to the Canvas

Pick up your crayon and then trigger out glue where the crayon was. Press the crayon firmly on the hot glue aligning to the top of the canvas. Repeat with all the crayons.

Step 6: Set Up Your Melting Station

Place the aluminum foil under the canvas and popsicle sticks at the bottom.


Don't burn your self! Met the crayons anyway you want, the drip from the crayons is also very hot!

Step 8: ALL DONE!

Picture tutorial above ⬆⬆⬆

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    7 years ago

    the way I do this, is shoving naked crayons through the back of a hot glue gun


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That's genius! Although I would imagine it would clog up the internals of the hot glue gun... Has that happened to you?


    Reply 7 years ago

    It is just hard to clean