Crayon Shot Glass Candle

Introduction: Crayon Shot Glass Candle

This is a great, simple family project to work on that takes less than an hour to do. Materials will get hot throughout the process, so an adult presence would be needed to help children. At the completion, this candle will be a cute decorative piece for around house. This project involves not only a fun product, but also can generate a cooperative family atmosphere. It is highly recommended to families with young children to do together.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • 7 or 8 crayons per shot glass
  • Multiple cups (paper, plastic, glass)
  • String
  • White stick candle
  • Newspaper
  • Oven mitt
  • Spoon
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towels
  • Shot Glasses

Step 2: Prepare Candle Melting Area

  • Lay newspapers down
  • Have paper towels nearby
  • Have glasses ready and clean (side note, a sink is helpful, but not necessary)

Step 3: Prepare Microwave

  • Clean the microwave with a damp cloth

Step 4: Prepare the Wick

  • Cut string
  • Cut up candle into bowl
  • Melt base wax
  • Coat top of string in base wax
  • Set aside to cool for about a minute

Step 5: Prepare the Crayons

  • Peel wrappers off crayons
  • Group crayons together by color
  • Set crayons aside

Step 6: Prepare the Shot Glasses

  • Clean glasses
  • Set aside to let dry

Step 7: Arrange Wick

  • Tape the wick to two pencils so that it is in the center of the glass
  • Put the pencils on the top of the glass
  • The wick should be approximately a half inch from where the last layer will be
  • Lead the wick down so that the wax will pool over it
  • Keep in place until last wax layer is added and cooled
  • Tape down on edge if needed.

Step 8: Melt Crayons


  • Cut up and scrape crayons into bowl of base wax with knife or scissors
  • Melt wax and crayons in a cup or bowl in the microwave (Time varies 3-5 minutes)
    • Remove the bowl with oven mitt
  • Stir out the chunks with a spoon
  • Immediately pour wax into a shot glass
    • May have to reheat wax if it hardens again
  • Wait for wax to cool for about a minute or so before
    • Use ice or a fridge to cool the wax
  • Repeat these steps with different colors to make different layers
    • Approximately 7-8 crayons will fill the average shot glass

Step 9: Clean Up and You Are Done

  • Use a knife to scrape the wax that dripped on the outside of the glass
  • Dispose of newspaper
  • Utilize hot water and soap to melt the remaining wax on any object you want to reuse again
    • This will loosen the wax enough to wipe away with a towel.

Step 10: The Fun Part

  • Light your candle and enjoy!

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    7 years ago

    Your candles turned out really cute! I love the colors.