Introduction: Crayon Tootsie

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This is a great prank that you can pull on anyone and anywhere. It's basically a tootsie roll replaced with a brown crayon, and the expression of the victim is priceless!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

-tootsie roll wrapper
-thick brown crayon

Step 2: Cut Crayon to Fit the Wrapper

Take your knife and carefully cut the crayon (to size) making sure it doesn't break apart.

Step 3: Buff Edges

Take your sandpaper and buff the edges and ends so they look like a tootsie roll.

Step 4: Roll Up the Crayon in the Wrapper

Roll it up!

Step 5: Done!

Now you are ready to give this to your unlucky victim!!

(The crayon is not intended to be ingested as there is a hazard of choking)

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