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Introduction: Crayon Melting Art

I'm going to show you how to do crayon melting art. It's fun and easy to do. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be cool to try. When I did this the first time it turned out good, so now it's your turn to try :)

The things you will need are:

1. Poster board
2. Crayons
3. Hair dryer
4. Hot glue gun ( You can also use super glue)

First step
You take the poster board and hot glue the crayons to the poster board( you can also do a design if you want to.)

Second step
Turn on the hair dryer on heat and put by the crayons, it will take a while to melt but totally worth the wait because it will be cool :D

Third step
You can point the hair dryer down or sideways, they both work best (sideways works better for me.)

Fourth step
By now the melting should have started and make a cool affect. Keep doing what you are doing and if you think you messed up don't worry it's all natural.

Now you have completed your art work, good work!!! :)

1.It will get very messy so I recommend to put paper down.
2.Very fun to do with kids.

Please leave a comment what you think ;)

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