Introduction: Crazy Air Tennis

I got this idea for air tennis at my friends place. You see, he has a tennis table, and he and I play a lot of it. ( I am not very good at it but hey! ) Once, even twice, I had encountered a time when I hit the ball straight up in the air ( well not exactly - it was heading towards my friend ) and then he hit it back to me (still in the air ) so we continued to play. It was very fun .

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the only three rules are:\

1. Try to keep the ball up all the time, THIS IS NOT A "ONE WINS ONE LOSES" GAME, IT IS "HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP THE BALL GOING"
2. Can be played as 2 on 2
3. Have fun ! ! !

Step 1: Equipment You'll Need

The equipment:

2 table tennis paddles

1 (or more) table tennis balls

Tennis table (optional ) (but preferred )

Step 2: Play!

Have fun and play!
You might want to play this indoors, because the wind could ruin the whole game. The perfect rainy-day game! Also perfect indoors!!!

Now go on and play!! You know you want to try !

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