Introduction: Crazy Beginner Self Working Magic Trick Tutorial

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in this instructable I will show you how to do a really easy beginner self working magic trick with a deck of cards. to preform this trick you will need two spectators. This trick can be extreamly mind blowing IF you have a good performance. If you can build this trick up during your presentation than you will have one seriously crazy

Step 1: Setup

remove all of the even cards from the odd cards and put them in separate piles. put the cards together as one maintaining a pinkey break.

Step 2: The Shuffling

give half the cards to one of the spectators (all the odd cards) and give all the even cards to the other, ask them to shuffle the cards.

Step 3: The Pick

tell the spectators that you are going to leave the room and that you want them to pull any card out of their deck, memorize it and put it face down in front of them. make shure you are clear on what you want so they dont mess it up.

Step 4:

when you come back in the room pick up the cards and put them in the opposite parts of the deck. (even in odd, odd in even. give them back their half to shuffle again.

Step 5: The Finally

put the cards together and give them all a false shuffle (optional) finally spread out the cards and look for the only even card in the odd pile and the only odd card in the even pile.

Step 6: Presentation

make sure while you preform this trick to build it up and really express how amazing it is, the trick is only as effective as your performance is. GOOD LUCK!