Crazy Heart !

Introduction: Crazy Heart !

Standing in the kitchen and wondering what to prepare..... Opening the fridge door and staring at it for 5 min... opening all the drawers and again staring for another 10 min.... led to the invention of a new recipe. 

My experiment was a success when my family gave me thumbs up for it. Though i did make it a couple of more times, with minor changes for my satisfaction.

I usually do enjoy experimenting a lot now a days and most of the time they do turn out to be gud. so here's one of that. Please try it out and let me u find it...

Preparation time: 15 min

Cooking time:10 min

Step 1: Ingredients & Supplies !


1) Milk                      : 1 Cup
2) Corn Flour          : 1 table spoon
3) Spaghetti            : 15-20 strands
4) Carrot                  : 1 medium.
5) French Beans   : 7-8 pieces
6) Green Pepper   : 1/2 medium
7) Chili flakes        : 3/4 tspn
8) Oregano            : 1/2 tspn
9) Black pepper powder : 1/2 tspn
10) Salt                  : to taste
11) Oil                    : to saute


1) Shallow frying pan ( more like something to saute) & spatula
2) A Hand Chopper
3) Knife
4) a non stick pot

Step 2: Getting It All Ready !!

Take the carrot, french beans & green pepper and cut it into medium side pieces.

Using a chopper, cut them into tiny pieces. do this process with each of them individually.

Once done, add all of them in a mixing bowl and mix it all up !!

leave it aside.

Do the similar thing with spaghetti , but keep it aside. Do not mix it with others.

Step 3: White Sauce !

Heat a non stick pan on medium flame, add milk and corn flour.

Steer & Mix.

Add Red chili flakes, Oregano, Black pepper powder & salt.

Mix it up and keep on steering it slowly till the mixture starts to thicken.

Let it get nice n thick. ( add more corn flour if thickness is not being achieved) This will be used as a binding agent.

Remove it from the stove and add all the chopped veggies. Mix it good.

Note: Do not add your veggies before the mixture thickens. as veggies tend to give out moisture and will not let the white sauce thicken ( i already got burnt trying it the other way round :( )

Let it cool.

Step 4: Shape Them !

On a flat surface, spread the chopped spaghetti and spread it evenly.

Once your mixture is cool enough, start shaping them. make them round or make hearts out of it( i like this shape best coz of the size)....u can even make it rectangular. But which ever you make...make it big.

Cover them with spaghetti on all the sides, evenly.

Step 5: Saute/ Shallow Fry

Heat oil in a flat pan, and slowly place each of them on the oil.

Flip it when turns golden brown. Let it cook .

Once its cooked on both the sides, place it on the butter paper on a plate in a slightly tilted fashion to drain of all the excess oil.

Garnish , Serve with ketchup on side and start hogging.

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