Introduction: Crazy Mouse (joke)

A small revision of the old computer mouse causes laughter from the user when trying to bring his hand to her. Mouse and begins to shake and rattle. I usually say that it is "anti-theft Mouse" and it is protected from theft.

Step 1: Getting Started

Work toys based on the photoresistor resistance change due to the overlapping light hand.

In the lit state of the resistor of about 10 K. On pins 2 and 6 and the voltage is less than 1/3 of the supply voltage. At its output - logic 1. The engine is de-energized.

In light obscuration, photoresistor resistance increases sharply. Output status of the comparator becomes a logic zero. The engine is turned on.

It feeds the whole scheme of USB. Housed in the building of the old mouse. Photoresistor glued using hot melt in the upper part of the body.

I used a piece of prototyping board dimensions of 15 x 15 mm.

Installation is made with a thin enameled copper wire.

You will require the following items, or equivalent.

  • Timer NE555N Dip
  • Resistor 10 K
  • Resistor 33 K
  • Photosensitive resistor VT90N1 (10 K - Light / 200 K - Dark)
  • iPhone 4 Vibration

Sorry for bad english (it is machine translation)

P.S. More will be able to find an old mouse with a ball, it is possible to "teach" the "run away" from the hands of the user.

Public for the first time. Do not judge strictly.