Introduction: Crazy Night Finder Mod

this is my first instructable it is for the night finder nerf gun anyone who has a younger brother or sister under the age of 6 should not do this instructable i am not responsable for anything you do with this mod.LOOK:it you want to have a scilenced gun then just put hokey tape around it it really works and you might wana refresh the intro and ther first step.

Step 1: What You Need

1.night finder
2.large elastic band
3.cutting tool
4.duct tape
5.nerf dart(any kind)
6.old pen
7.plyers rod knex piece

Step 2: Getting the Tube

1.take the lid off
2.Take the ink part out
3.take the back out
4/5.The empty tube

Step 3: Making the Barrel

Step 4: Putting the Barell In

1/2.put the barrel in the gun like this
3/4/5.put duct tape on the gun and barrel like this

Step 5: Power Doubler and Loading

1/2.Put the rubber band on like this
3.put the knex rod in and cock gun