Introduction: Crazy Quiled Hat

Here is an insane quilled colorfull hat. So the story behind this hat is that my brother suggested me this idea because I think I am good at crafting so I start working on it. I customized this hat for my little niece. As I crafted this is not so hard for me.But it took a lot of handwork to get done nicely.

Step 1: Required Tools and Material

The material I have used in this project are very common and can be easily available at any stationary store.The list of required material are mention below.

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Pair of scissors
  • Quilling tool
  • Quiling stencil
  • Paper cutter
  • Crafting glue
  • Computer paper (colors of your desired)
  • A bowl
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue gun

Step 2: Cutting and Rolling

  • Firstly I have cut down to strips so for perfect result score on the computer paper. After scoring for strips cut it down with scissors or paper cutter. Cut down the maximum number of strips because this project needs a lots of qullied circles.After cutting countless strips the next step is to roll the strips into quilled circles. For this I have use a qulling tool and a stencil for better results. And after a full day of efforts I have two bowl full of quilled circle.

Step 3: Making of Crown

  • For this step I needed bowl that is the same size of head. For this I firstly took the total circumference of my niece' head that is 20 inches. Than I start finding in kitchen to get bowl of exact size i want and finally after minutes work I found something of my purpose.Than I start placing the quiled circles from the bottom and start glueing as well and slowly step by step finally the whole bowl is covered with it and after covering all the area of bowl it looks like a dome.The reasons behind the preference of circular bowl is to give the crown a shape like dome. Once I have done, it is ready to take it out and in the end fill the interstitial spaces in the end to give a finish touch and after all the efforts it look cool.

Step 4: Making of Brim

  • In this step I have started to prepare a brim for hat . For that draw two circles on cardboard. The inner circle diameter is equal to the diameter of crown. The outer circle is drawn to get the perfect circular width for brim. The size of outer circle is 2.5" larger than the inner circle. after scoring cut it down it will look like a donuts. Now cover the cardboard template with quilled circles and stuck them together with glue. Remember not to stick it with the surface of template. The template is just to get the perfect circular shape of brim.

Step 5: Glueing of Brim and Crown Togther

  • So the final and most awaited step is to glued both parts of hat the brim and crown together. So I have glued them using crafting glue. Its better to use hot glue gun to stick them together. Hot glue gives strength to it and kept them together as well.

Step 6: Result

  • So here is the final face of my crazy qullied hat. Its ready to wear for any kind chilling party. And any one who wear this hat have an insane look. And after putting up so much efforts its look great and had great fun. Hope you like it and thanks a bunch for reading my Instructable.
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