Introduction: Creaking Box Spring Into Bed Slats

I hope you find this instructable usefull as it was a life saver for me. I had a creaking box spring that was driving me crazy. It was about 15 years old and rather than shell out the cash for a new one, I decided to break it up and use the wooden slats directly on the bed frame.

Not all box springs are the same, and yours may not be constructed the same as mine. I take no responsibility for you destroying your box spring. That being said, if you can feel the wooden slats that go the width of the bed frame, go ahead and cut it open!

This is an easy and cheap (free) solution to an annoying creaking box spring that is destined for the trash anyway.

Step 1: Remove Fabric Around Box Frame

To remove the fabric, I used a sharp knife and cut all the way around the frame of the wood. Be careful here, obviously, you only really need to get to the top slats.

Step 2: Remove Slats From Box Spring

Once you remove the fabric, the slats should be very easy to get to. The slats on my box spring were held together by large staples. I used a hammer to remove them, although I could have used a screw driver as they weren't held on very tight (hence the squeaking). I worked carefully and made sure not to damage the wood.

Step 3: Remove Staples From the Slats

Once you pull your slats off the bed, you'll want to get rid of the staples. There were 6 staples on each board. I used a vice grip to grab on to each one and twist it off. Not the cleanest way to do it, but it works pretty fast. You can then go back with a hammer and burry the metal bit back into the wood. Just make sure you wont prick your finger when you're working with the boards.

Step 4: Put Your Slats on the Bed

Space the slats out evenly on the bed frame making sure they are secure. I recommend securing the slats somehow. I used some paracord to go around each one and hold it in place. Between the paracord and the weight of the mattress, the slats shouldnt move much. As you are using the paracord, make sure to keep it tight and tie it to the cross bars of the frame if you can. I used a bowline to tie the line to the front of the frame and some half hitches to keep it tight at the end. There's no real "correct" way to do this. You could use glue or tape to hold the slats in place as well.

Step 5: Finished!

Once you have the cord pulled tight (or the boards glued down). Slide the mattress back on and enjoy!