Cream Cheese Oreo Dipps

Introduction: Cream Cheese Oreo Dipps

Whether you are preparing for a holiday party, trying to find a unique edible gift for a loved one, having a few friends over for a dinner party or just a fun get together, or just sitting at home craving something gooey and sweet, our Cream Cheese Oreo Dips are just the right snack for whatever your needs may be. They are deliciously yummy and so simple to make. You can make them alone or with friends. They are even simple enough to have your kids make (with your help of course!) and we will show you just how to do it in seven easy steps.
Cream Cheese Oreo Dips require only three ingredients which, more often than not, can be found in your cupboard and refrigerator at home. If you don’t have cream cheese, Oreos, and almond bark at home you will have to make a trip to the store to purchase these items.

Step 1: All of the Needed Supplies

Along with the three ingredients for the Dips, you will also need access to a stove or microwave for melting the almond bark and wax paper for cooling the dips when you are finished. 
1 package Oreo-type cookies
2 bricks cream cheese
1 package of almond bark

Step 2: Select Your Favorite Type of Cookie

You can use any brand of Oreo-type cookie, whether it is name brand or store brand, just make sure it is creamed filled. You can also use golden or chocolate or mix it up.

Step One:
First you must crush up your cookies. You can either keep the cookies in their original packaging or place them in a large  Ziploc bag to do this. Make a fist and smash the cookies in to small bits, as fine as possible. To make this even more fun you can always use a kitchen mallet or a small hammer and let out a little pent up aggression. After crushing the cookies, place them in a medium size bowl.

Step 3: Bricks of Cream Cheese

Step Two:
Next you want to add the cream cheese. Do this a little at a time until you get a good consistency in your batter. The batter should NOT be runny, but malleable.

Step 4: Make Into Ball Form

Step Three:
Now it is time to create your Dips. You can use any spoon-type of utensil to create the balls, or just use your fingers. Ideally, you want your Dips to be about the size of a shooter marble or ping pong ball, but if you want to make them smaller or larger you can, just make sure you don’t make them too big or they will be too messy and not form well.

Step 5: White Chocolate

Step Four:
Now you need to melt the almond bark. You can use any flavor of almond bark, we find that the white chocolate provides the best flavor contrast to the cookies and cream cheese, but you can use any flavor you would like. To make them colorful for holidays or just for fun you can add a little food coloring to the almond bark to give your Dips some color.

Step 6: Dipping in White Chocolate Almond Bark

Step Five:
Once your almond bark is melted it is time for dipping. Dip each cookie ball individually into the melted almond bark until completely coated. Have fun with the dipping. If you are adventurous, have two different colors of dip and make a design, dip the balls half in one color or flavor and half in the other. Be creative.

Step 7: Choose Your Variety of Sprinkles

Step Six:
Once you have dipped the cookie balls in the almond bark, lay them out on a piece of wax paper laid out on a cookie sheet to cool and dry. This is when you can be a little more creative and have fun with them also. You can add sprinkles or drizzle chocolate or other flavorings to dry on the Dips. After you have filled the wax paper cookie sheet, place your Dips into the refrigerator to cool further. You may want to let them sit in the fridge for a few hours before you eat them so the outer almond bark shell hardens.

Step 8: Cool Oreo Bon Bon

Step Seven:
Once your Cream Cheese Cookie Dips have had time to cool and chill in the fridge, it is time to enjoy them. Call up some friends, take them to work to share with your coworkers, wrap them up and give them as a gift to someone you love, or just keep them to yourself and enjoy them. 

Step 9: Final Product

There is no end to the possibilities of sharing these deliciously wonderful creations you have made using these simple steps. Have fun and enjoy your hard work.

Step 10:

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