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Introduction: Creamsicle Float

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In this short little instructable I am going to show you how to make a creamsicle float. This orange soda and vanilla ice cream float is a twist on the classic root beer floats which are super popular here in the United States, and they taste very close to a creamsicle! Which is a type of popsicle if you aren't familiar with it. Soda floats are super easy to make, very few ingredients, if I can make them you can make them, let's get started!

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Follow the easy steps below or watch the short video tutorial, or do both! :)

Step 1: Ingredients

You can print the recipe here if you like.


  • Vanilla ice cream (a couple of scoops)
  • Orange Soda (8 to 10 ounces)
  • Whipped cream for topping (optional, but you really should add it)

Step 2: Soda and Ice Cream

First lets fill up our glass about 2/3rds full of orange soda. I am using Crush, but you can use your favorite brand of orange soda. Next add in your vanilla ice cream. I always add two scoops. Note, make sure to put the soda in first. If you put the ice cream in first and then pour the soda in the glass, it will foam up and overflow and make a big mess. But if that is what you want, go for it! haha. :)

Step 3: Top It Off and Cream It Up!

Now I like to add a bit more soda to top it off. Then add your whipped cream. You could leave off the whipped cream, but you really shouldn't. haha, now enjoy it! :) A great refreshing treat that you are sure to love. If you like root beer floats you have got to try these. If you like creamsicles you have got to try these, if you haven't heard of either one of those, you have got to try these. :)

Step 4: Video Tutorial

Now check out those steps in action by watching the short video tutorial. :)

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