Creamy Citrus Dill Talapia

Introduction: Creamy Citrus Dill Talapia

This recipe will be my first published food recipe, ever!
So bear with this novice if I misuse a word or make some other minor technical misnomer.

This Talapia dish is smothered in a sweet, citrusy, cream sauce.  It's summery, rich, and easy to whip together.

Be aware, it's boldly tropical, and I don't skimp on the seasonings here.
This makes it decidedly different than similar recipes I've found on the web.
I love heavily flavored foods, so if you suspect that the seasoning might be too overpowering for your palate, make adjustments accordingly.

This recipe will yield 1-2  helpings of this deliciously tangy entree.
I suggest doubling the recipe for serving 2 hungry adults.

As a side dish, I suggest grilled or pan seared asparagus drizzled with a white wine reduction.
I've also tried it over buttery, mild wild rice.
You can find delicious asparagus and wild rice recipes on this site that make the perfect companion to this dish!

Next time I prepare this dish, I will make sure to add more and better photos.

Step 1: Gather and Prepare Your Ingredients

* 2-3 Talapia filets. I use the frozen filets that come in individually sealed, 4 oz. packages.

* 2-3 Teaspoons of Butter or a splash of Olive Oil
(both work well for cooking the fish)

* 1 medium sized orange, cut into quarters or slices.

* 2 average sized limes cut into 8 or more thin slices

* About 2/3 cup of lemon juice
or 2 lemons cut into 8 or more thin slices, plus extra squeezed juice.

* 2 tablespoons sugar

* Lemon pepper seasoning

* Dill weed flakes
(fresh dill can be substituted, though I haven't tried it this way)

* Salt to taste

* About 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
(plain yogurt can be substituted for a healthier sauce).

Optional ingredients:
* 1/3 cup Shredded Parmesan cheese
* Tiny amount of Liquid Smoke
* Dried Parsley Flakes
* 1 tsp Powdered Ginger
* 1/4 cup diced Pineapple

* Heavy bottomed saute pan or frying pan
* Spatula
* Knife
* Measuring cup(s)

Step 2: Cooking the Talapia

1. Preheat your saute pan or skillet on medium to medium-high heat, while you open your  fillet packages.

2.  Just before adding the Talapia fillets to the pan, splash a small amount of olive oil or add the butter pat.

Place fillets into pan and add your lemon juice and sliced limes.
This is also when you may choose to add a small drop or two of liquid smoke (optional)

3.  About 5 minutes later, gently flip your fillets and add in the oranges and all the seasonings.

4.  About 3 minutes later, flip them carefully once more to insure they are evenly cooked, yet tender.
You do NOT want to overcook the talapia, it will toughen and dry!

After cooking & flipping for a total of 10 minutes, slice one fillet across the middle and do a texture test.

5.  Reduce heat to low.
Add your mayonnaise (or yogurt) to the pan. If the juice mixture has evaporated too much, simply add a little squeezed orange juice, lime juice, or lemon juice.

If you chose to include shredded Parmesan cheese, now's the time to toss that in too.

6.  Allow to simmer briefly (just enough to heat the mayo and infuse the flavor of the orange) ... enjoy the aroma!
Sample a bite now to be sure it is seasoned to your liking...

I like to sprinkle a little extra dill and/or parsley flakes on at this point for presentation.

7.  Remove the pan from the stove.

Feel free to garnish your dish with a eye-pleasing array of spare citrus slices after you've placed it with your preferred side dish.

This is intended to be a rich and saucy dish, so don't waste any of the remaining sauce in the pan, include all of it.

8.  Finally, it's yum time. Enjoy with a glass of white wine or a mild, tropical drink such as mango juice.

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    8 years ago

    I tried this, it was good, but a bit strong. I think i would just add a little less of the lemon and limes. I am going to make it again.