Introduction: Create a Laser Projector Show Without a Laser

By adding simple visualizations to winamp you can create amazing light effects that are astonishing to the eye.

Items needed:

Laptop ( Preferably ) or Desktop
Smoke/Fog Machine

Step 1: Prepare Your Computer

I. If you have not already go to and download the latest version on winamp.

II. Now download the visualizations pack that I created ( Download Below) and extract into the " \winamp\plugins\avs\ " directory

III. Restart Winamp

IV. After importing your songs navigate to view -> visualizations

V. Disable " Randomly Change Visualizations " in the lower left hand corner ( A small arrow with 123 inside )

VI. Right click on any part of the visualization and navigate to Trance Avs and select any of the visuals.

This is the most basic form of laser visual and will provide some nice sure fire visuals to provide a stunning light show.

Step 2: Prepare the Room/Projector

A good room has the following:

Ample room for dancing
Closed doors
Dark or able to become dark

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A laptop is the best way to move your tunes from place to place, but a desktop will work if you are willing to haul it with you.

I. Find a power out lit and plug a splitter into it

II. Power your fog/haze machine in

IV. Plug your projector in

V. Connect the projector into the computer and configure multiple displays.

VI. Make sure all components are in a SAFE area that will not get knocked over.

Tip: I had my setup on a two step stool, the projector on the top step tilted up slightly, and the fog on the lower, again tilted up to intersect the path of the projector.

Step 3: Party/Tips

I. Begin to fill the enclosed, dark room with fog and start up your projector

II. Start the visualization of your choice and right click and select full screen

IV. The light array of the projector should be visible in air from the fog to create a laser show like effect without the cost of a real one, ( And when you get bored with this you still have a projector to mess with! .

VI. You may also want to re enable the random change in visualization, adds change and some amazing effects but not all look good.

VII. Another fun idea is to turn it into a huge strobe via this plugin for winamp


The bigger the room the funner/better the show is!

Don't worry about how good your fog machine is, its just to add a little visibility, not the whole show.

Going outside works as long as there isn't too much ambient light