Introduction: Create a Recycled Custom Chess Set (really Cheap)

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A while ago I made a custom chess set in 3DS MAX, but because I didn't have access to a 3D printer it never became a reality. Now after checking out Autodesk's new free  software I learned how I could make my funky chess set out of things I had around for free. This project is recyclable so its good for the environment too : ) 

The project is easy to make but vary time consuming as there is allot of intricate cutting with scissors. That is really the only drawback      (apart from me being totally useless with scissors).
Because I have not finished the project yet I will update a final picture when I'm finished. For now the original max file will have to do.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

cardboard (took about 20cm x 20cm for the pawns)
hot glue gun sticks
spray paint (optional)
paper (about half a sheet for the pawns)
laser jet printer
hot glue gun
123d (free) 
123d make (free)

Step 2: Modeling the Set

The first step is to make the 3d file for your pieces. Or you can go to here to get mine. I've designed the pawn to be simple and reversible (meaning that it can go with either end up). I'm not going to write a full tutorial on how to model in 123d mostly cause I'm not good at it and because it  would take more than one step and be vary long. Instead I've provided some pictures of the process. The important thing is that you get something unique and easy to make (out of cardboard). Next publish it to your corner, this makes it easier to open in 123d make.  

Step 3: Making the Plans

now if you publish your creation to the gallery you don't even need to download 123d make you can use it online. However I did download it so if your using it online then the steps will probably be a bit different. First thing is to open up 123d make, then select browse community. Find your object either in my corner or in the gallery. Then select stacked slices as the construction technique and change the size. If you want you can change the other settings but it worked well for me the way it is.  Next click get plans and change the file type at the bottom to pdf.  Open the pdf and print the file. 

Step 4: Cutting

When your plans have been printed grab those scissors and prepare for allot of cutting. First cut out the pieces from the printed sheet. Then trace them onto the cardboard, then cut out the cardboard. Now repeat until you have :
16 pawns
4 bishops 
4 knights
4 rooks
2 queens
2 kings 
That is allot of cutting. But you'll have a unique and recycled chess set. 

Step 5: Gluing

The next step is to hot glue all the pieces together. Try your best to center each piece on top of the last but minor screw ups don't matter to much. I found that my pawns needed a little extra glue in the middle to stop them from wableing. 

Step 6: Finishing Touches

the spray paint is optional but there should be some way to differentiate between the two teams. I also tried wrapping one side in tin foil but it made all of them look the same. Maybe duck tape? 

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