Introduction: Create a Casey Neistat Time-lapse With a Smart Phone and Laptop

About: Instructable about how I make things that appear in my videos. Check out my youtube channel about making and hand tool woodworking.

Casey Neistat is an incredible film maker and vlogger. All his vlogs feature time-lapse clips similar to the style in this instructable. Casey's channel: go and check him out!

Items needed:

• Video camera, smart phone works fine
• A video clip to use for the time-lapse footage. Have at least 5minutes of footage
• Free version of lightworks. I used the linux version 12.02: Lightworks also runs on windows and mac.
• Music for the timelapse. YouTube has an amazing collection of royalty free music note that some music on this channel requires you to give attribution in the video description, so make sure you comply with the license.

Sorry about the glitchy audio in the begin of the screencast. The glitches are only in that part of the video. And sorry about the mouth breathing in the middle, I'm on the tail end of a cold (:

Music credit: "A Girl in Oakland" by Otis McDonald.