Introduction: Create Dynamic Shapes in Excel With Variable Content

We can use the excel shapes and drawings in a dynamic way to make the worksheets more professional, interactive and attractive.

The contents of the shapes (the text written in a shape) can be linked to a cell content, hence a shape with variable text is created.

In this example the area of a circle is calculated based on the given radius, and then the area is displayed inside the circle itself as well. By changing the radius, the new value for the area is calculated and is updated on the shape consequently.

Step 1: Draw a Shape...

After running the Excel:

- Go to the "Insert" tap, select a desired shape by clicking the "Shapes" button on the toolbar and draw it. (In the newer Excel versions you find it under the "Illustrations" button).

Step 2: Assign a Cell to the Shape

- Click on the drawn object and select it.

- Click in the Excel formula bar and type the equal sign (=).

-Type the address of the cell you want to connect to this shape or simply click on the cell to select it. Make sure you have first typed the "=" (important).

Step 3: Press ENTER

-PRESS ENTER and done!

Remember that pressing the ENTER is important and without that the link doesn't become functional.

Step 4: Video Tutorial...

Now whatever you write in that cell appears in the selected shape. you can be innovative and make very professional looking worksheets using this trick. Watch the short video to fully understand the process.