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Introduction: Create Your Own Artsy Envelope

Unleash your creativity into something useful! Envelope can be used for cards or small gifts for you to give people! Design is made from a single A4 sheet of paper but you can upscale it to your own desired size!

If you use this template, take a pic and tweet / instagram it to @StuffWithKeith! I wanna see your works :) Happy creating!

Update: For my next Instructable, i will teach you how to draw doodles like what i have done for my envelopes! So follow me to stay tuned!

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Step 1: Download the Blank Template

Download from dropbox:

Print this out on an A4 sized paper of any sort, to your liking.

This will make an envelope 10.5cm x 15.5cm.

Step 2: Start Getting Creative!

Get creative with your envelope! Draw with pens, colour pencils, markers, paste stickers, trinkets. Anything! Make it your own or for someone else!

Cut out the template and use a ruler to fold in all the extending flaps.

Apply glue to the bottom flap and the outer edge of either the left flap or the right flap (i'm applying glue on the right flap in the picture example) .

Once glue is applied, fold the flaps and press till glue dries and you're done!

Step 3: (optional) Watch How I Do Mine in Photoshop and Assembling It!

Thanks for your support! Hope you like this tutorial!

If you need the envelope to be bigger, just scale it up and print on an A3 paper.

Take a pic of your creations and tweet / Instagram it to @StuffWithKeith ! I would love to see yours :)

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