Introduction: Create Your Own Customized Jug in Fusion 360

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This project is in reference to a previous project on jugs. If you are a beginner in Fusion 360 consider this project first.

I've also added a video which is again made in Fusion 360. I don't think you need to know how a jug works! But I wanted to let you know that we can make these videos using Fusion 360 :)

Step 1: Make the Body

  • Create some offset planes
  • Sketch some circles of varying diameters (one on each plane)
  • Make a cylinder extruding the uppermost circle
  • Use loft to create the base of the jug
  • Sketch the profiles of the mouth on lateral side and top face
  • Use Loft command to make the mouth
  • Use Shell command to create the hollow jug

Step 2: Make the Handle

  • Sketch the handle profile on the lateral side
  • Offset the profile by 3-5mm
  • Close the profile
  • Extrude it to some distance using "Symmetric" option
  • Extrude the end faces of the handle using "To Object" command and selecting the jug body as the object
  • Create some sketch on the lateral face of the handle and extrude them too

Step 3: Make the Lid

  • Sketch the outer circle of the lid on the top plane
  • Extrude the profile to some distance (20 to 30 mm) below and also a very small distance (0.5 mm) above for the clearance
  • Create some more shapes on the top of the lid
  • Sketch a circle at the two ends and extrude ousing "Symmetric" to cut the lid for the opening

Step 4: Add Some Finishing

  • Add some fillets to the bodies
  • Add some decals in the Render workspace to make it look even better

I've added an Instructable logo on the lateral side and a Fusion logo on the top surface. Get the image files below. You can use any other logo you wish, but make sure they have a transparent background to make them look good!

Step 5: Make It Work (optional)

Create components from the two bodiesAdd a "Slider" Joint between the lid and the jug body

Create a motion study

Step 6: Get the Renderings!

Once you save the file, rendering will start automatically. If you have created the motion study, choose a view and render it as the motion study.

Please share your rendering here using the "I Made It" button. I'm eager to see those!

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