Create Your Own Duel Disks to Use in a Battle Arena

Introduction: Create Your Own Duel Disks to Use in a Battle Arena

I've always been half fascinated by the duel disks found in the Yugioh cartoon series. How cool would it be to summon a creature by using a deck of cards and then have them duke it out in some sort of holographic fighting arena?

Here I'll go over how to make your own duel disks and game board which (when incorporated with Scratch, a circuit board, and s̶o̶m̶e̶ quite a few alligator clips) allow you to have your very own fights in a Scratch-coded Battle Arena.


The Scratch-coded Battle Arena

A Circuit Board like the Makey Makey kit or the Vilros Funforce Controller

Monster/Animal Templates (see below)

Washers (Qty. 8)

Alligator Clips (Qty. 18)

1 piece wood or cardboard (12" x 12")


Paint, markers, or other decorative materials of choice

Step 1: Supplies

(5) 3-inch screws

(17) alligator clips

(2) 2-inch washers

(10) 1/2-inch washers

Super Glue (I used E6000)

(2) Sheets 8.5 x 11 card stock

(1) piece of wood [8-inch x 2-inch]

(2) Squares of wood [4-inch x 4-inch]

(2) Battle Cards Templates [a total of 10 cards]

(1) Circuit board like the Makey Makey Kit OR Vilros FunForce Controller

Step 2: Building the Duel Disk Game Board & Battle Cards

Glue one of the 2-inch washers to the top of each piece of square (4-inch x 4-inch) wood.

Screw all five screws into the top of the 8-inch x 2-inch piece of wood, leaving about 1 inch of space between each screw.

Print out the Battle Cards on two pages of card stock.

Glue 1 2-inch washer to the top back of each card leaving about half of the washer above the card.

Step 3: Setting Up the Duel Disks

Use seven alligator clips and connect them according to the diagram provided (1 to 1; 2 to 2; and so on). When connecting an alligator clip to a screw, begin at the bottom, leaving plenty of room at the top.

Use the remaining alligator clips to connect the washers on each of the cards to the screws of the game board. Leave enough room so that the clips are touching only the screw and not each other.

Connect the cards as shown below:

1 - Unicorn

2 - Bear

3 - Griffin

4 - Dragon

Space - Butterfly

When all alligator clips have been attached each screw will have three 3 alligator clips attached to it. Connect the left GND to one of the 2-inch washers; connect the right GND to the other 2-inch washer.

Step 4: Playing the Game

*If you do not have a circuit board you can still play in the Battle Arena by using the keyboard controls.*

Up: Bear; Down: Dragon; Left: Unicorn; Right: Griffin; Space: Butterfly

Connect the Makey Makey kit or Vilros FunForce Controller to the computer and use the Battle Arena to summon your creatures and have them battle.

To summon a creature place the washer at the top of card on top of the washer attached to the Duel Disk. After summoning a creature, immediately remove the card so the creature you summoned can rest after their battle.

Be warned: sometimes wild creatures interfere and take over the fight themselves. Wild animals will always win by default.

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