Introduction: Create Your Superhero Suit

The following information is a single lesson in a larger Tinkercad project. Check out this and more projects on Tinkercad.

If you were a superhero, what would your super suit look like? What could your super suit do for you? How will it enhance your super powers?

Let's get started!


  1. Start with an Egg shape.
  2. Scale the egg to make the pelvis.
  3. Create another egg to make the torso. If you are making a female hero, keep the thin part of the egg pointing up and scale it so it is thinner than the pelvis. Making a Male hero, rotate the egg upside down and scale it so it’s widest point is the same width as the pelvis.
  4. From the side, the torso and pelvis should be rotated back slightly.
  5. The Pineapple custom shape will be used many times for the arms and legs. The Pineapple has values in the inspector. Changing these will change it’s shape. I encourage you to change the values yourself and see how it changes. The values I used are given, and can be used as a starting point.
  6. Male Arms and Legs
    Male upper and lower arm are both made from the Pineapple shape. For the upper arm, copy the values shown in the Inspector. Some values are negative.(Curvature = -0.57, Asym1 = 0.09, Asym2 = 0.05). Then scale the upper arm so it is about half the height of the chest.

  7. Female Super Hero upper Arms
    Use a half sphere and paraboloid for the upper arm and upper legs.

  8. To prevent distortion, scale before rotating into place and scale the paraboloid by itself, otherwise the half sphere will flatten out.
  9. The lower arm has these values.(Curvature = -0.75, Asym1 = 0.23, Asym2 = 0.21). Then scale the upper arm so it is about half the height of the chest.
  10. The upper leg has these values .(Curvature = -0.34, Asym1 = 0.2, Asym2 = 0.24). Then scale the upper leg so it is about ⅓ the height of the chest.
  11. Use the same step to create the female upper leg.
  12. Copy the upper leg and mirror it so the front points backwards. Move the lower leg backwards so it’s centerline is aligned with the back of the upper leg.
  13. From the front, rotate the whole leg so the feet are under the shoulders.
  14. Copy the whole arm and leg and mirror it to the other side.

  15. To make a cape, place the 3D Z Dependent custom shape on the workplane. In the inspector there is a very long math equation. All we need to do here is change the first number from 1.5 to .25. This will smooth it out a bit.
  16. Next, copy the values from the image below to your object. Then rotate it and change the color.
  17. Lastly, lets make the head. Choose a shape that you like, I chose a rounded box.
  18. Use a Pineapple to create a mouth.
  19. To create a face mask, duplicate the shape you chose for the head. Scale it up equally a few milimeters on all axis. Create two boxes as holes to remove the top and bottom to create a mask.
  20. Use the workplane tool help place the eyes.
  21. Group all of the objects that make the head and move it in position.
  22. Congratulations! Excellent Super Suit!