Introduction: Create a 3d Model of a Heart Shaped Spinning Top and Animate This for Valentines Day.

Step 1:

Create a new part and sketch a large heart shape.

Step 2:

Solid extrude and place in an assembly

Step 3:

Create a new part and sketch a heart, but without sharp edges.

Step 4:

Create a solid sweep and add points like in the image, mirror this to create a heart shaped wire.

Step 5:

Assemble the wire in the assembly like in the image using mechanism connection: 6DOF. Use only Csys alignment and manually drag the wire on top of the extrude. Tip:  Use “Drag Components constraints” after mating to align the wire to the ASM planes.

Step 6:

Use the lowest point on the wire to create a 3d-contact with the floor. Don’t forget to add a small friction.

Step 7:

Use the other points on the wire to create additional 3d-contacts with the floor. Don’t forget to add a slightly larger friction.

Step 8:

Activate Mechanism Application (make sure you have Mechanism Dynamics license enabled). Define an Initial Condition: a vertical Angular velocity of 5000 deg/sec.

Step 9:

Create a new Dynamic Analysis and use the earlier created initial condition state in the configuration.
Also have friction and gravity enabled in the Ext. Loads tab.

Step 10:

Run the simulation, when satisfied with the behaviour, use the results to create an animation or export the results as .FRA file to load in Keyshot for rendering like I did.

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