Create a Bud Vase With Assembled Parts




Introduction: Create a Bud Vase With Assembled Parts

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Extruded forms can be used individually or as modules to create more complex pieces. Each module may be a simple shape on it's own but, when joined together with others, can become a very elaborate form. Today we are going to demonstrate how to make a bud vase out of extruded parts. Follow along to create a beautiful functional piece!

Step 1: Create Tubes

Tubes were created using the Bailey Standard 4 Extruder. Once the extruded forms had stiffened enough to handle, we cut them into various lengths and angled one end.

Step 2: Smooth

Each tube was sponged to smooth the walls and edges.

Step 3: Score

After determining where the tubes would be attached to each other, we scored the contact areas using the Xiem retractable scoring tool to ensure a good bond.

Step 4: Join Tubes

Step 4:The three tubes were then joined to create a single form.

Step 5: Create Base

To create the bottom, we placed the vase on a slab and traced around it's base using the Bailey wipe out tool. We then cut out the fitted piece.

Step 6: Complete the Form

After scoring the slab and bottoms of the tubes, the pieces were joined to complete the form.

Step 7: Final Vase

The final multi-part bud vase.

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    4 years ago

    That's really pretty, do you have any photos and info for glazing and finishing it?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank You, we are working on more and will post soon.