Create a Calming Art Space for Your Little Creator



Introduction: Create a Calming Art Space for Your Little Creator

If you're like me, and like most parents I would guess, the opportunity to get lost in your own creative zone is rare. Often times, when I'm getting into the 'zone' of my own cooking, writing, designing - that's just the time my kid want my attention the most. Sometimes the answer is being creative together. But sometimes, the answer is simply to encourage their own creative space, so they can work side by side you. You both get to enjoy your own creative flow and process.

In this case, I moved our art supplies by my side in the living room so Asha could work while I was doing some writing of my own.

Step 1: Make the Most of Natural Light

Step 2: Let the Space Get a Bit Messy

Step 3: Add Simple Little Things That Are Silly and Sweet

Step 4: Keep It Loose and Let Inspiration Hit

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    2 years ago

    Hi Aliza - it's nice to see an Instructable from you! :)

    I should get my kids more involved in creating stuff along with me. This is a good reminder and gentle nudge for all parents!