Introduction: Create a Custom Usb Icon and Name

Hi and welcome to this short tutorial !

At the end, you'll be able to change that old and over-used usb flash drive icon and change its name under windows.

So, let's begin !

PS : I'm french, so there may be some mistakes or weird sentences, and I apologize for this. Please, tell me if I have to change some text in the comment section or via the Instructables inbox. Thanks :)

Step 1: Find / Create Your Icon

To do so, go to an online bank of icons like or (make sure to search for free icons only), and then download the picture you chose as ".ico".

If you want to use your own pictures, you can convert it to ".ico" thanks to this site : Make sure that your picture is squared, otherwise it will be deformed.

When your .ico is ready, rename it "icon.ico", and move it to the root of your usb disk (the first folder when you open your usb key in the Windows file explorer)

For the exemple I'll be using this icon :

Step 2: Create the "autorun.inf" File

When your icon is ready, open a new text document in the same folder
as your icon with any text editor (you can use the default Windows Notepad), and past the following:



Just replace "USB_NAME" by the name you want to give to your usb flash drive.

Then, save the file and rename it "autorun.inf" (without the " of course)

Step 3: Hiding the Files

Let's clean your folder a little bit, and hide thoses files (icon.ico and autorun.inf).

To do so, right-click on one file, then go to properties and at the bottom of the box you must find "Attributes:". Check the "Hidden" box, and do it again for the other file.

They should have disappeared. If you want to see them again, just follow this tutorial :

Now you must be ready ! Just eject your usb flash drive, and re-plug it, and your icon should be there.

Congratulations, and thanks for following this short tutorial ! :)

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