Introduction: Create a False Wall to Hide a Door

 Create a Fake wall to hide your Victims door for a prank

Step 1: Get Door Dimensions

Covertly get the dimensions of your victims door, with tape measure

make sure to get inner and outer trim dimensions
Width of trim
Height of door handle

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Items I obtained from my local home improvement store
1 4x8 sheet of 1/2" drywall $7 2 sheets
3x drywall corners, or tape to fit the finished perimeter $1.66 corners 
1 Gallon drywall mud $7
Mud applicators $3 for a 3 pack of plastic trowels
8' 2x4 $3
3x 8' 1x2 for perimeter support
Textured paint roller

Items I already had
Drill and screws
Circular saw
Paint applicators (roller handle and brushes, paint tray)
Table or sawhorses
box knife or drywall knife to cut the drywall
Sandpaper and sanding block
straight edge

I was able to obtain a left over partial gallon of office wall color paint from the maintenance man, he was more than happy to help.

Step 3: Devise Mount to Door

I used 2 2x4's to mount the panel to the door frame

1 2x4 was measured and cut to be a tight interference fit in the door frame (use glossy magazine page as a shim for a tight fit, and to not cause any damage to the trim paint/finish

1 2x4 was cut shorter and ripped at a 22.5 angle to cause an overlapping finger joint

attach the ripped board to the support board  

Step 4: Cut Drywall and Apply Mud Sand and Paint

Measure the drywall and score the top with the box knife, break the drywall at the cut mark and cut the back paper to remove the piece.

Attach 1x2 around the perimeter to stiffen the drywall, 

Attach plastic corner molding and mud into place

let this dry and sand
repeat mud and sand steps if your a perfectionist.

sand smooth and blow of all dust with an air compressor

Paint with Office color paint using textured roller.

Step 5: Suit Up and Commit Mayhem

Obtain entrance to office scene of the prank

Attach non marring brace to door jam

hang drywall panel to brace

egress the building 

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