Introduction: Create a Fitness Tracking Journal From Your Favorite Cereal Box (Cardboard).

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Gather your materials,

You will need:

· Cereal Box – from your favorite cereal or just the coolest looking box.

· Thread- strong thread of some sort, I used fishing line to keep the book sleek.

· Scissors- to cut up the cardboard could use a box cutter if you want a cleaner cut.

· Needle-maybe two, I broke my first.

· Glue- I used washable white glue.

· Computer Paper- standard 8.5IN by 11IN computer paper, I used 15 sheets.

· Hammer and Thin Nail – Some Device to push a small hole through your paper and book spine .

· Tape- Scotch Tape.

· A Printer- Optional.

· Construction Paper- Any Color 8.5IN by 11IN.

Step 1: Step 1: Start by Cutting Your Cereal Box.

The front and the back panels are primarily what you will

use to construct the cover of your fitness tracker.

You should begin by cutting the front of the box. Remember to cut carefully as some of these lines will be part of your final notebook. Open up the box and cut along both edges as pictured.

Flatten out the box and cut the bottom panel away from the back of the box. Cut along the crease that touches the bottom of that back panel.

Now that you have separated the front and the back panels of the box you can prepare your boxes to be cut into their final shape.

Step 2: Step 2: Carefully Tear Off the Left Side Panel From the Back Panel.

Please see photo.

Tear the side panel that is glued down, from the fold that creates that back left edge. Make sure not to rip off that extra tab of cardboard from the back panel as we will be using it to create assemble the book.

If the box you are using is not assembled the same way, instead cut down the left side panel ¼ of an inch from the back edge to create your own tab.

Step 3: Step 3: Measure and Cut Front and Back Covers.

We will be filling this notebook with computer paper that is folded in half horizontally (Hamburger style). The dimension of the sheet then becomes 5.5IN by 8.5IN.

Measure each panel individually starting with the back panel. From the left edge or crease place your folded piece of paper and measure an additional 1/4 IN beyond where the paper stops in each direction. Next mark your measurements and cut along those marks.

Do the same thing for the front panel.

At this point you will have the front and back of your book. Set aside any additional cardboard scraps.

Step 4: Step 4: Glue Together the Front and Back of Your Notebook.

Apply glue along the outside of the tab on the back panel. Attach

the cover (brown side) to the tab so that it is flush with the crease of the tab. You then leave it to dry; I used clips to hold the pieces together while it was drying. A good alternative would be putting it under a book. Check your specific glue for drying times but I left mine to dry overnight. Once the spine of the book has dried move on to step six.

Step 5: Step 5: Add a Piece of Tape.

Add a piece of clear scotch tape to the outside spine of

your book to reinforce the spine. Cut tape just a bit longer than the spine and fold over onto the inside just a bit.

Step 6: Step 6: Spread Glue on Inside of Cover.

First open the panel and lay it flat, brown side up. I used

some scrap cardboard from the side panel to paint a thin layer of glue onto the whole inside of the books cover. I then placed an 8.5IN by 11IN piece of thick construction paper down and pushed out air bubbles my ruler. The paper will not span the whole inside and you should place it as close to the center as possible. This step is optional but it adds style and helps to reinforce the spine. Once again place under pressure and allow paper to dry.

Step 7: Step 7: Prepare the Pages.

Since this is a fitness tracker I designed and attached a

PDF for you to download and print. You can also fill your book with blank pages in which case you can move on to the next step.

I included lines for you to write the date, track your meals or snacks and your exercise, at the top of each page are a few original drawings.

Each double sided sheet of paper once folded has eight days worth of space to track your health data. I printed 15 sheets so I can track my metrics for 120 days.

You may choose to use more or less paper depending on how thick you want your book but the book I made is small closes easily and lies quite flat.

To print my design select print and the number of pages you would like to print. Once all of the pages have printed put those sheets back into your printer and repeat. You should do a test print to make sure that when you print on both sides, that you can fold it and everything is oriented properly. For my printer I flipped it so that the design was facing away from me with the drawings facing the right side of the printer as pictured. Make sure to figure out your printer to avoid printing in bulk with the wrong orientation.

Step 8: Step 8: Fold Your Pages in Half.

Place the folded pages in center of the cover.

Step 9: Step 9: Stitch Together Your Notebook.

I used three feet of thread(cut off quite a bit in the end), make each stitch taught and pull tight before tying your knots.

Mark and then poke five holes along the inner crease of your paper. Each small hole should be just bigger than your needle and thread. Each hole must go through the paper and through the spine of your book. (Be Safe) You can use the tool of your choice to poke these holes but I suggest a very small nail gently hammered through.

The holes should be evenly spaced and placed roughly where they appear as green dots in the image.

Please see the Image.

Once the wholes are poked through begin stitching.

Guide to image: A-E each represent a hole, 1-10 each represent a stitch, Blue means you are going from the inside out, Orange means you are going from the outside in.

You can use the Image to finish your stitching.

So after threading your needle, your first stitch (1 from the image) is from the inside out through hole C (as indicated by the blue color of the 1 and it being next to hole C). Pull the needle through and bring your thread mostly to the outside leave 4 inches of thread form the end on the inside to tie off later.

Go through hole B Inward for the second stitch.

Then go out through hole A for your third stitch.

Come back through hole B inward for your fourth stitch.

Go out through hole C for your fifth stitch.

Come in through hole D for your sixth stitch

Go out through hole E for your seventh stitch

Come in through hole D for your eighth stitch

Once you go through hole C to the outside for your ninth stitch wrap under the thread that is between hole B and hole C tie a tight knot of your choice. Then thread your needle back through hole C (stitch 10) and tie another knot with the other end of your thread. Cut off the excess thread.

Step 10: Step 10: Enjoy.

Your book is done.

Get in some great workouts, track your Macros or journal whatever you heart desires.

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